SDKs for Developers

AlertShows the notification prompt when a minisite is being triggered.
BackgroundEnables beacon scanning in background mode.
enableSiteEnables/disables the minisite feature.
minisitesViewDisplays either the minisites list or the popup for the latest minisite.
autoSiteDurationSpecifies the number of seconds a minisite will take to switch.
trackingEnables/disables the tracking feature and sends tracking data to BMS.
enableMQTTUsage of MQTT or RESTful endpoint to send tracking data.
attendanceEnables/disables the attendance feature.
checkinDurationSets the duration of the device staying in the authorized zones to be considered “checked in”
checkoutDurationSets the duration of the device staying out of the authorized zones to be considered “checked out”
requestDistanceBeaconsSpecifies iBeacons for distance callback.
bmsEnvironmentAdjusts between different BMS environments, “PROD”, “DEV”, or “CHINA”.
beaconRegionRangeSpecifies the range of a beacon’s region required for filtering.
beaconRegionUUIDFilterFilters the exisitng UUID broadcasted by the mobile device of this application.
isBroadcastingBroadcasts as a beacon (UUID, major, minor will be generated by the system).
proximityAlertEnables alerts when the proximity period of a filtered device has been exceeded.
proximityAlertThresholdDetermines the proximity period in seconds (minimum).
proximityAwayThresholdDetermines the duration taken after a proximity alert where the device will recontinue recording the proximity alert without proximity signals in seconds (minimum).
proximityRangeSpecifies the range of device proximity checking required for filtering.
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