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JARVIS Platform

JARVIS offers comprehensive solutions tailored to diverse industries, supported by its versatile templates and intuitive interface. With adaptable hardware options and proven deployment strategies, our platform facilitates seamless reporting and analysis on the cloud.

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About JARVIS Government Template

Jarvis provides a robust solution centered around sensory monitoring to prevent accidents and oversee incoming data for further analysis. It offers capabilities to monitor trends and utilize AI prediction, enhancing its ability to anticipate and respond to potential issues proactively. By integrating advanced monitoring technologies with data analysis and prediction algorithms, Jarvis empowers users to make informed decisions and take preventive actions, thereby enhancing safety and efficiency across various domains.Multiple usage for Government template :

  • -Energy Monitoring
  • -Environment Monitoring
  • -ESG reporting and more
  • With yearly VAPT assessment for any vulnerability and Consistent updates for performance and stability.

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About JARVIS Real Estate Template

JARVIS offers comprehensive solutions tailored to diverse industries, supported by its versatile templates and intuitive interface. With adaptable hardware options and proven deployment strategies, our platform facilitates seamless reporting and analysis on the cloud.

Jarvis offers a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to various needs, particularly focused on sensory monitoring for accident prevention, data oversight for analysis, trend monitoring, and AI prediction. This diversity in templates indicates a versatile approach to addressing different scenarios and requirements, ensuring robust monitoring and predictive capabilities across various domains.

About Viatick

VIATICK Pte. Ltd. is an aIoT company that specializes in Artificial Intelligence through IoT. Our vision is to enable companies to use their own data to perform decisions that can make them more money, save more money, or discover insights that do both.


Our platform has undergone rigorous security reviews and is coded by a team of experienced coders skilled in security. Everything is in conformance to security standards used by government agencies, including robust encryption standards such as AES and RSA, secure hashing algorithms like SHA-256, and adherence to authentication mechanisms such as multi-factor authentication and certificate-based authentication.

Our dedicated account representatives facilitate the onboarding process, ensuring the optimal setup for your sensors and data flow. They provide personalized assistance to help you visualize and utilize your data effectively. Through hands-on sessions and regular check-ins, we ensure that all users maximize the value of their data for their specific needs.

We offer a wide array of available devices categorized to suit various needs. Our offerings include sensors tailored for smart buildings, facilities management, smart homes, location safety, asset tracking, and environmental monitoring. Talk to us for a complete list that best suits your industry and use case.

Jarvis is designed to offer both cloud-based and on-premise deployment options. Our seamless approach eliminates the hassle of manually loading and running code on your on-premise servers. We provide Jarvis in a Docker image format, ensuring effortless setup and operation. Our team offers expert assistance throughout the setup process, making us one of the few SaaS providers offering on-premise functionality. Rest assured, your code is securely managed and maintained by our team under any maintenance contract. Upon subscription expiration, our team retrieves the deployed code, as all data and code ownership belongs to Viatick and must be returned at the end of the subscription period.

As a subscription-based software service facilitating data management from sensors and various data sources, ownership of both code and data resides with Viatick.

Indeed, our comprehensive suite of open APIs and SDKs is designed to empower developers and partner companies to extend use cases and enhance their ecosystems in collaboration with us.

The data is securely stored in our data vault for a period of 90 days. During your active subscription, you can request and retrieve this data through your dedicated account representatives, subject to platform limitations in case of rendering constraints. However, please note that after the subscription period ends, this data will be purged and not retained.

Jarvis offers the flexibility to seamlessly integrate as a module within your existing platform, enabling deeper integration capabilities. Leveraging our cloud-based infrastructure, Jarvis operates within a secure environment alongside trusted partners such as Oracle.

If the hardware is compatible with Jarvis, it can indeed be integrated. The Jarvis team maintains a predefined list of qualified hardware that is optimized for use with Jarvis. This meticulous qualification process, conducted by the Jarvis team, aims to expand the sensor ecosystem for our partners. However, if the desired hardware is not included in the list maintained by the Jarvis team and fails to meet the optimal standards required for seamless integration with Jarvis, it will not be enabled on the platform.

Our Partners

We collaborate with a diverse range of partners, including local and global entities such as government organizations and private corporations, to meet a wide variety of needs with dedication and professionalism.

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